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Why should I invest in my career?

Ann Werner heads up Career Creations, which originated from the need to provide a better fit through holistic exploration of candidate’s history, unique strength and abilities and the current market place.

Whether you are:

  • leaving school,

  • entering the job market for the first time,

  • returning to the workplace after starting a family,

  • experiencing ‘quarter life’ or ‘midlife’ crisis, or

  • seeking post retirement occupation;

The same practical application applies and rests on the development of accountability, responsibility and understanding of the self in order to discover your most suitable career.

South Africa is dynamic and diverse and our constitution, associated labour laws and affirmative action requirements create opportunities and challenges for school leavers, students, employees and retirees across the board. Hence finding your niche in such an environment can be a daunting and onerous task.

The key to being able to channel your choices in the right direction is an awareness and understanding of self, including interests, abilities and cognitive functioning.

This is achieved by the Career Creations process incorporating:

  • Understanding the candidates’ ‘career story’

  • Exploring unique strengths and abilities

  • Completing selected psychometric assessments (should they be required)

  • Making the connection between self and career realisation.

Pivotal to the success of Career Creations approach is the integration of all aspects of the individual into the current market place, bearing in mind the risks, challenges and opportunities that current day South Africa offers


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