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Ann Werner is an Industrial Psychologist and career facilitator who runs her own practice, Career Creations, in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. She specialises in career facilitation and management across all stages of career life, from the school learner, through quarter life and midlife crises, to re-employment after retirement.

Ann started her career with a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCT followed by corporate experience, working at the Standard Bank, the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Masterskill (a subsidiary of the Softline Group), and Achieve Global. During this time she was involved in project management, banking, sales, training, development, and research.

During her tenure at the bank, Ann was selected to take part in the AATP (Advanced Accelerated Training Programme) for graduates and while on this programme, she completed her CAIB (SA) (Certified Associate in Banking) qualifications, achieving the top result in the country for her paper on Human Resources Management. During her time at Achieve Global, she was selected to manage all the outsourced training and development for the Standard Bank Account. She was also actively involved in counselling, having completed the Life Line counselling, personal growth and development courses.

This foundation in the corporate world revealed the need and precipitated Ann’s desire to assist with individuals and organisations in ensuring a good fit to the benefit of both parties.

To actualise this, she embarked on the required study programme, completing her Honours and Masters degrees in Industrial Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch. She achieved distinctions in Labour Economics, Occupational Psychology, Business Ethics, HIV / Aids interventions in the Workplace and IT Ergonomics.

Her thesis towards her Masters degree focussed on the complexities of call centres in the cellular industry and in particular, their operational mechanisms, and their necessity as global initiatives. Much research provided the necessary understanding of this modern day industrial environment and the importance of changed management strategies in order to effect increased productivity.

Ann passed her board exam with distinction and is a registered member of the Health Professional Council of South Africa.

Her passion to find the right fit for individuals and organisations is the driving force behind Career Creations and her approach is unique, innovative, personalised and holistic: She ensures that clients have, and develop a greater understanding of themselves, and conducts a co-operative exploration of career and personal attributes to precipitate a right fit, very importantly, within the context of the current South Africa milieu.

Ann is married and has two school going children.

What others say about Career Creations

"I am so glad I invested in these sessions - it has been a very enlightening process for me and has helped for me to gain clarity on my career and the challenges I was faced with. I really feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks once again - you are definitely doing what you were born to do"!
Carol Simpson

"It was great to meet with you, and the time spent was well worth it. It has really opened my way of thinking on how to attract new opportunities. Thanks for the help, it was just what I needed and it has also increased my motivation overall"
Tim Millar

"Thank you for the way you made my son feel secure and comfortable enough to share so much of himself with you, something he finds quite difficult. The assessment has helped us both visualize a roadmap even if we don’t see the end, and we understand what to focus on next. It has been an invaluable experience. My son seems focused and determined and carries himself with quiet confidence, and I am sure that your assessment has a lot to do with it. Personally, I feel less anxious and able to be of much better support to him. Thank you again"
Ina Kalis

"Thank you very much for the session. It was very informative and helpful and I feel a lot more optimistic and confident. I also feel like I have more direction as to where I should start looking now. Thanks very much for your time and effort"
Neil Botha

"Thank you, once again, for all your hard work and effort that went into preparation for our workshop.  There was so much valuable information and insight into the career decision making process and beyond.  The girls are so lucky to have access to opportunities and guidance that they have here at this time. The notes and references are also greatly appreciated."
Monique Nyback - Herschel Girls High School Careers Facilitator

"Thank you for all your help. It is wonderful to see my daughter more relaxed and sure of herself. I think your words and the assessment of her made a big difference in her life. You gave her direction and hope and peace of mind. This is so important for her – especially with the workload and all the exams looming. She has new fire and interest in her schoolwork and studies. Most of all, your assessment gave her confidence in herself. As you know...with confidence you can go a long way."
Magda Johnson

"Thank you for seeing my patient. She found you funny and matter-of-fact, and it is so safe to be in a place of ease and health. You have provided her with a place of comfort, a sense of meaning, the slow, decent rhythm of equality. It gives her hope for the future - something, someone to become."
Catherina Myburgh – Clinical Psychologist  

"Thanks so much indeed for the 'Know yourself – Know Your Market' talk last Thursday!  Mr Cameron & I thought it was excellent - and so did the girls judging by the response and spontaneous applause (which by the way is not “usual” for these talks)! We will keep in contact and I’m sure we will have you back for next year’s bunch!"
Morag Scordilis - Clinical Social Worker, Springfield Convent School  

"Thanks so much for your help and your very perceptive summing up of my domestic worker’s son. I gave his mother your comments yesterday and she was amazed at how well you understood him! She also said there seems to have been quite an improvement in his mood and his organizing of his life since he saw you first."
Ruth Eastwood

"Thank you for this report! I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment, and that those first 2 points are NB for my husband - it took me a lot longer to figure him out. I’m so glad that he could go to see you. He came back hopeful and excited about his future."
Maya Snijders - Naumann

"Thank you for encouraging our children to BE! Sometimes we fail to see the impact we have on people's lives....Our children remember you as (pardon the word): The white lady who actually cared about us!!! Your presentation really did make an impact!"
Nuraan Osman – Counsellor, Westridge High School

"Thank you so much for the thorough, informative and amazingly accurate assessments that you did for our daughter. It has been of remarkable value to her and to us as parents to help understand more about her.  It was such a help to have some of the issues confirmed, and the new findings that came out gave us fresh insight and food for thought.  We really found the whole process fabulous."
Monique Nyback & Nils Nyback

"I want to thank you for being so completely marvellous towards my patient and her daughter. You really saved them emotionally, and, with that ingenious integration of Policy and test results, you may well have saved her career. I read your brilliant letter – it truly is brilliant. "
Catherina Myburgh – Clinical psychologist

"Thank you for seeing our daughter and for the warm welcoming environment that you created for her vocational tests. All feelings of trepidation, on her part, were rapidly dispelled. We are extremely grateful and pleased that you were able to clearly identify those careers that were suited to her interest, skills, ability, temperament and talent, and then to highlight that career path to which she is best suited. She is already showing far more purpose in her studies now that she has a clear goal, and I believe that she will give herself every chance of success now that doubts have been removed. Thank you for your excellent advice and assistance. "
James Elphick

"Thank you so much for always going the extra mile in your job.  I have yet to find a person like you, to whom both my girls have taken such an instant liking. You honestly nailed my daughter’s personality to a "T"! We will definitely call on you again, come grade 11."
Linda Bock

"What I so admire is the caring you show through your work – it’s not only about their career, but what they may be struggling with now, that is hindering their opportunities in the future. Wish you had been around when I was at school!"
Andrew Bramley

“Thank you for being such an extremely helpful resource to my adult and adolescent clients who either do not know what they want to do with their lives, or are unhappy in their work. I also so appreciate too, your willingness to help me out with a relative needing some career assistance in another city.  You are an invaluable resource to guidance and career guidance!”
Dr Sandy Hoffman  (Counseling psychologist)

“I arrived on your doorstep feeling very alone with my daughter’s struggles at university.  Not only did you allay all our fears that she may have taken on the wrong course but you also took on the ‘establishment’ and presented them with such a compelling and soundly researched document, which in turn will go on to help many more students.  A simple thank you seems to pale against all the support and dedication you afforded us but thank you so very much never the less.”
Terry Stobart

"I thank you for the wonderful presentations! Your calm and collected way of bringing over info is very soothing and reassuring. You left our learners with lots of food for thought! I’m so glad I don’t have to negotiate the tricky job market now and I hope it recovers before my children have to enter it! I particularly liked the way you emphasised the importance of self-knowledge. Teenagers don’t spend enough time contemplating how they feel about things that do not impact on them directly and they need to! The SA PowerPoint was wonderful!"
Counsellor, St Georges Grammar School. 

“You will not believe how well he is doing – his marks went up 10% with these exams!  How well you read him! I must thank and applaud your approach to this young man – it is quite remarkable what an impact you had on him. Thank you for all and we will certainly stay in touch”. 
Joy Van Loggerenberg

“It is not easy to change direction after so many years in a specific working environment, but through your research and care, Ann, I feel supported and energised. Thank you for all your time and effort in preparing for our meeting; for researching and contacting relevant people and organisations; and for giving me the confidence to spring-board my dreams into action."
Pauline Garlick

“Dear Ann, I came to you as a confused teen who was in distraught because I was not too sure of what career I wanted to pursue. Since then, I have gone through a process of metamorphoses and have become more confident in my abilities thanks to your advice and guidance. Your interpretation of the psychometric instruments described me perfectly, better than I could ever describe myself. This in turn helped me to isolate my weaknesses and focus on my strengths. I am now studying and am majoring in Entrepreneurship and Leadership. I am enjoying each and every moment of it and I feel that I am doing something I was destined to do. I would like to thank you for all of your efforts in assisting me. Thank you very, very much."
Tshita Maponopono

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