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Why should I invest in my career?

Ann Werner heads up Career Creations, which originated from the need to provide a better fit through holistic exploration of candidate’s history, unique strength and abilities and the current market place.

Whether you are:

  • leaving school,

  • entering the job market for the first time,

  • returning to the workplace after starting a family,

  • experiencing ‘quarter life’ or ‘midlife’ crisis, or

  • seeking post retirement occupation;

The same practical application applies and rests on the development of accountability, responsibility and understanding of the self in order to discover your most suitable career.

South Africa is dynamic and diverse and our constitution, associated labour laws and affirmative action requirements create opportunities and challenges for school leavers, students, employees and retirees across the board. Hence finding your niche in such an environment can be a daunting and onerous task.

The key to being able to channel your choices in the right direction is an awareness and understanding of self, including interests, abilities and cognitive functioning.

This is achieved by the Career Creations process incorporating:

  • Understanding the candidates’ ‘career story’

  • Exploring unique strengths and abilities

  • Completing selected psychometric assessments (should they be required)

  • Processing the ‘Virtual Career Tool Kit’, which enables career transition at any stage through the career cycle; and finally,

  • Making the connection between self and career realisation.

Pivotal to the success of Career Creations approach is the integration of all aspects of the individual into the current market place, bearing in mind the risks, challenges and opportunities that current day South Africa offers. 

What others say about Career Creations

"I am so glad I invested in these sessions- it has been a very enlightening process for me"
Carol Simpson
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"It was great to meet with you, and the time spent was well worth it. It has really opened my way of thinking "
Tim Millar
Read more

"Thank you for the way you made my son feel secure and comfortable enough to share so much of himself with you, something he finds quite difficult."
Ina Kalis
Read more

"Thank you very much for the session. It was very informative and helpful "
Neil Botha
Read more

"Thorough, informative and amazingly accurate assessments that are of remarkable value. "
Monique Nyback & Nils Nyback 
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"With your ingenious integration of policy and test results, you may well have saved her career."
Catherina Myburgh – Clinical psychologist
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"Thanks so much indeed for the 'Know yourself – Know Your Market' talk last Thursday!  Mr Cameron & I thought it was excellent - and so did the girls judging by the response and spontaneous applause."
Morag Scordilis - Clinical Social Worker, Springfield Convent School
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She was amazed at how well you understood him, and there has been quite an improvement in his mood and his organising of his life since he saw you first."
Ruth Eastwood
  Read more

"My daughter is more relaxed and sure of herself as she has been given direction and hope and peace of mind."
Magda Johnson
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I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment and my husband came back hopeful and excited about his future."
Maya Snijders - Naumann Read more

"We are extremely grateful and pleased that you were able to clearly identify those careers that were suited to her interest, skills, ability, temperament and talent, and then to highlight that career path to which she is best suited. Thank you for your excellent advice and assistance."
James Elphick Read more

"Thank you so much for always going the extra mile in your job.  I have yet to find a person like you."
Linda Bock Read more

"What I so admire is the caring you show through your work"
Andrew Bramley Read more

"Thank you for being such an extremely helpful resource to my adult and adolescent clients"
Dr Sandy Hoffman (Counseling psychologist) Read more

"Not only did you allay all our fears that she may have taken on the wrong course but you also took on the ‘establishment’"
Terry Stobart Read more

"I thank you for the wonderful presentations! Your calm and collected way of bringing over info is very soothing and reassuring"
Counsellor, St Georges Grammar School Read more

"How well you read him! I must thank and applaud your approach to this young man – it is quite remarkable what an impact you had on him."
Joy Van Loggerenberg Read more

"Thank you, Ann, for your warm, focused, practical and insightful guidance"

Pauline Garlick Read more

"Dear Ann, I came to you as a confused teen who was in distraught because I was not too sure of what career I wanted to pursue. Since then, I have gone through a process of metamorphoses and have become more confident in my abilities thanks to your advice and guidance…. "
Tshita Maponopono Read more

"Ann, huge thanks to you for assisting Giorgie by clarifying the direction that she should pursue, career wise. You provided us with a calm, gentle space to 'put it out there''
Giorgie Mitton - grade 11 St Cyprians School; Yolande Mitton - principal of Design Time School of Interior Design
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“Just a quick note of thanks, as I believe that the time my son has spent with you has certainly played a significant part in him having a more focussed view of his future"
Tracey Rossouw
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'I met Ann when I was going through a very dark time in my career, and she helped me get through it and to understand myself better."
Nell Labuscagne
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